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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Have been following ur genuineness on twitter, landed on ur blog for the first time… Never doubted ur talent.. and it shows via all the posts..
    was looking for the subscribe option couldn’t find it so thought will comment and follow all ur updates..

  2. Hello Ipsita,

    I am Sagnik Chatterjee from National Law School, Punjab. I have to candidly manifest my startled state of mind after going through your posts. Impeccably researched, expressed with ease, a thorough intellectual edifice. I came across a mention of your blog in India Today’s “Simply Kolkata” segment. Greatly impressed with your efforts I have subscribed to your blog as well as following it. Please keep posting regularly. Thanks for writing great stuffs at such an young age.

  3. Dear Ipsita,

    I am a representative of Padakshep, a non-profit based in the USA. Me and couple of my friends from various universities around the world came up with an idea to do something for our home country India. Our volunteers are from University of Utah, Harvard University, UC Barkeley, University of Zurich, IITs, ISI Kolkata, etc. As we all are working towards our PhD or postdoctoral experience, we thought of sticking with the issue of education. We have started this non-profit last year and currently we are supporting 6-7 underprivileged students from West Bengal. We hope that we will be able to sustain and grow in the coming years. We hope to start funding rural schools in Bengal which can create a greater impact on the mass.

    We have recently started a blog which enables multiple voluntary authors to write on any issues. The issues could be social injustice, gender inequality, politics, globalization, etc. and not just limited to education. I request you to be an author of our blog. There is no deadline and the only limit we have is the word limit. The word limit is 250-300. However, if you are willing to contribute, this limit won’t be an issue.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to request you to join Padakshep. You do not have to donate to be a part of Padakshep. Please visit our website

    Waiting for your reply,

    Arnab Rudra

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